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So we’re done with all the party stuff– next After Party gal will be featured this Saturday so watch out. Anyway, for today’s post, I’d like to participate on msarora‘s Write To Inspire challenge. I really loved the idea and I also mentioned this to her so here I am!

Today, I will be talking about:

Judging The People By Its Cover

This is an exciting topic so let’s get started!

Earlier this day on our English test, I read a really good passage. I don’t clearly memorize everything but here’s the summarization of it:

A 23-year-old boy was on the way home with his father. A couple then was also present in the train. The boy was looking at his father, “look dad, the clouds are following us!” And then the couple was just staring. The boy said another thing similar to what have he said about the clouds and he was behaving childish and immature in the train. The couple asked the father, “why don’t you go and see a doctor for him?” The father smiled, “I just went to see the doctor earlier. He just got his eyes today, after 23 years of being blind.”

After reading, I was like, woah. It was such a good story. It made me realize one thing, people judge other people by what they see. Most of the people now judge another one by their cover, without personally knowing who they truly are.

This applies to everyone of us. I admit, I judge people for how they look. And it’s totally not a good attitude, I can’t stand for my opinions and believe what I want to believe without knowing who the person really is. For example, I’ve seen a girl with a black lipstick, black nails, short skirts and sleeveless shirt. I’ll be thinking that this girl is a btch but what if she’s just really like that? What if she dresses like that because she loves it and she’s just passionate about it?

I can’t just judge. You can’t just judge. We can’t just judge. We can’t just jump in to conclusions. It will hurt the person. And most especially, you’ll regret saying those things in the end.

Let us be careful in saying things about our neighbour. We don’t know what they’re going through so it’s better to keep our mouth shut. This may also lead to depression, anxiety and other mental illness. Trust me, I know the feeling of being depressed and anxious, I don’t want other people to experience it as well. It’s not a good feeling.

So as I’ve said, let us be mindful in everything we say. Don’t judge the book by it’s cover. Let us know the person first before saying anything about him or her.

Let us all be good neighbours to one another.

I hope I explained my points in this post. I’m really tired as of now since I finished a national achievement test and we were in school for like 12 hours– it’s so insane!! Some parts of our school were creepy because it’s already 6pm and it was really dark.

I hope you liked this post. See you in my next one!

Anyway you can also join the Write To Inspire challenge and choose your own topic. More details here.

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  1. Veronica M. says:

    Yes! Kindness in word and action is so important. Thanks so much for writing this post πŸ’•

    1. Thank you so much, Veronica! πŸ’―β€

  2. So true Jirah. We never know how our words will impact someone, so why not make them kind words. At least we know the outcome will be positive, if we are kind. God bless you. Great post :):)

    1. I agree! Thank you so much for reading, Margaret! 😊❀

      1. My pleasure Jirah :):)

  3. Diana Tyler (Eccentric Muse) says:

    Great post, Jirah!

    1. Thank you so much, Diana! 😊❀

      1. Diana Tyler (Eccentric Muse) says:

        You’re welcome, Jirah! <3

  4. Definitely agree with this post!! We should try to be kind to everyone and not judge others by the way they look πŸ˜€ xx

    1. Yay! Thank you so much for reading, Amelia! 😊❀

      1. Awww it’s okay 😊 xx

  5. Wow this is such a good post! and the part about the boy was so powerful. xx

    1. Thank you so much, Hannah. I agree. It was my favourite part! πŸ™‚ ❀

  6. This is actually good post.

    1. Thank you so much! Have a great day!!! ❀

  7. The texts in our english test is really heartwarming. That’s the only test that I enjoyed πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜‚

    1. Hehe

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