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Workout Women | My Workout Routine

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post! I’m legit grinning right now because I have never thought that I will make a blog post about physical exercise or fitness, like ever. I never really cared about my own fitness before but things started to get worse and I’ve finally made a leap to start exercising. In this post, I will share the story on why I started to exercise and as you can see in the title, my workout routine.

Why I Workout

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Okay, let me tell you a back story first. I actually don’t know how to start this because I never really cared about fitness and my body because I was pretty much okay with it. I know that I wasn’t fit but I wasn’t super healthy or unhealthy either, so I just didn’t care. But how I perceive fitness and exercising changed when I finally entered college.

Since I’m living away from my parents during my freshman year, the food I eat are really unhealthy. I mostly order from fast food, eat too much during lunch time and eat a lot of chicken wings after school. If I’m not satisfied enough, I’ll go for a milk tea or a coffee frappe and this happens almost everyday. In short, I was so unhealthy. I also wasn’t exercising and then I started to notice that my belly was getting big. I was gaining belly fat and it’s super noticeable especially when I wear fit clothes. Still, it didn’t matter to me so much and I just didn’t care. Until I finally went back home because of COVID-19.

That’s when I realized that I was so unhealthy. Every day as soon as I wake up and get out of my room, my mom would tell me that my lips looks so pale. We had long sessions talking about this and she started to cook a lot of healthy foods for me. Then, she convinced me to start exercising. She has also anticipated that I will be staying in the house for a long time and she tells me that it’s bad if a person doesn’t sweat out. So I started to do it, I started exercising.

During the first few days, I was motivated. If you have read my a day in my life (quarantine edition), then you know that as soon as I wake up, I start to exercise. It was hard to keep this up everyday as I lose motivation and sometimes, my workout exercises are really hard that I don’t want to keep going. But I don’t know, I still kept on exercising even though my inner mind don’t want to!

I started working out last April and I think I skipped a lot of days in May because I was sick from the toothache I had this time. June was okay and I’m striving so hard to have a maximum of 5 skips of exercise this month! Now, I’m really in love with the idea of being fit and healthy. I have seen my progress and the belly fat I was mentioning earlier is quite of gone, and I’m actually so surprised. Plus, it feels so good both physically and mentally to know that I’m exercising for a better and healthier me.

My Workout Routine

photo of woman doing yoga
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I don’t know if most of you probably have this already, but I’m using an app called Workout Women for my workouts. I’ll be sharing the exercises I’m doing and my current workout program through screenshots!

This is how the app look like when you choose a workout exercise of your choice. This one is the 5-minute easy warm up so that my body wouldn’t hurt so much when I get into the actual workout.

Next thing I do is this 10M ABS workout. I have been doing this for a long time now so I’m quite used with the exercises already. I tend to push myself more for better outcome and because of that, this gets harder every time. I’m a person who doesn’t really sweat much, but doing this workout makes me sweat for reals.

Next thing after the 10M ABS workout, I do the 10M BUTT. You’ll repeat the same exercises for 10 minutes but gosh, this hurt so bad especially when I do it right. I’ve experienced not being able to move my legs properly for like two days because of this workout. But I love this and I’m getting used to this!

Lately, I joined a workout program in the app (which is for free) which is called COVID-19 Immuno Boost II. We all know how important our immune system is right now, so I have decided to strengthen it by joining the workout program. The exercises in this program are insane and what I sweat from the 10M butt and abs workout can’t compare to what I sweat in this program. It makes me tired while on the process, but I really love how it does to my body. Here’s the screenshot of the workout program:

As you can see, I’m currently on Day 11 and I’m going to continue tomorrow. My mistake was not trying the beginner program because I’m definitely a beginner, but I got used to the exercises here so I just continued.

That’s pretty much everything for my workout exercises! I really recommend the Workout for Women Fitness App because it really helped me develop my own exercise routine. It also keep track of my progress which is really amazing. I’m so glad I found this app and I hope that if it’s your first time hearing about it and you’re also a beginner like me, I suggest you try it. (And no, this isn’t sponsored, I wish, lol!)


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Now, I want to share some realizations about all this exercising stuff. I’m not a health nor fitness expert, but exercising really does a lot to yourself, as a whole.

I am so much happier with how my body looks and I love that I am caring for myself more. I am promoting self-love in the best way that I can and one way to do self-love is to really take care of yourself, as a whole. I did not exercise to reduce my belly fat nor to achieve that “perfect body” that the society made up, but I started exercising so that I could feel good about myself, too. Everything really adds up. My main purpose was just to get healthy but now I’m also seeing changes in my body and I super love it. I once read in an article, “exercising doesn’t only change your body; it changes your mind, attitude and your mood.” Now, I couldn’t agree more!

Healthy body = healthy mind. Healthy mind = healthy body.

And that is all for today’s post! This post was actually super long so if you’re still here reading this part, thank you so much. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed sharing my journey. Let’s chat in the comments!

What are your workout exercises?

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    1. Thank you so much, Tarushi! 💗 Have you been working out? What are your favorite exercises? I’d love to know!! 🥰✨

      1. Haha yeah I do exercise! Sometimes I just find a youtube HIIT workout and do that or I like to go cycling around….usually I cycle around 7km I think? What about you?

        1. I’m trying out pilates lately! It hurts so much because I’m a beginner but it actually feels so good!

          1. Well, good luck with that!

  1. I…. feel guilty while reading this because I badly want to workout & be healthy but I just couldn’t get myself to do it 😣 I love hearing your story – I could really relate to how you perceived fitness in the beginning. This post inspired me to try & do some exercises too ☺ Will definitely download that app! 😍

    1. Oh noo, don’t feel guilty! We each have our own phases and I’ve been there and for sure my path is gonna be downhill and uphill again and again. But once you start doing it, it’ll honestly make you feel a lot better… and we love things that makes us feel good, so I’m pretty sure you’re gonna enjoy working out!

      Thank you so very much for reading and for commenting! 💗 Other bloggers in this post have also praised Chloe Ting’s workout challenges and Mari Winsor’s pilate workouts! You can also check those out! ✨

      1. I’ll definitely check them out! 😍 I really was about to workout today but I was so busy so I’m just gonna do it tomorrow. & I’ll make time for it!! WOW you actually got me wanting to exercise – thank you! 😭❤

        1. I’m so glad I could help!! <3

  2. That’s amazing! You have some real dedication. I used to use the app too, but I switched over to Chloe Ting’s YouTube videos. Whatever floats our boats lol 👍🙃

    1. Thank you so much, Ayesha! This is the third time I’ve heard about Chloe Ting’s! I’ll check it out! 💗 Thank you so much for reading and for your comment! ✨

      1. Chloe Ting is amazing! I’m doing her program for the third time since lockdown started hehe! 😛🙌

        1. I’ll check it out! Thank you for letting me know! 💗

  3. You are so right about it making you feel better in all ways not just physical. It helps mentally, and emotionally too. I don’t like to sweat either hahaha so I opt for pilates. I found Mari Winsor Pilates a decade ago. She has amazing 20 minute workouts that work out your whole body, or certain parts. She has an ab sculpting, and buns. No equipment needed. Just your body, and a mat if your floors are hard. They are amazing, and although I never break a sweat, it feels like I have lifted weights when I am done. It doesn’t strain anything, and is so easy on your joints. Back home I have a pilates machine. I got it about a year after starting the Mari pilates. I love it. I also have a treadmill back home. Here I bought one of those old “steps” like they use to use in the 80’s for “step classes” so I can get in a good “walk” in since I don’t have the treadmill here, and hence no incline 🙂 BUT having said ALL that my workout is pilates Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays and I do the walking/stepping on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for an hour.

    I am a true believer in the pilates. They were designed by a boxer (Joseph Pilate) back in the early 1900’s to help with rehabbing injuries. He was placed in a concentration camp during the war, and he did these “pilates” with the others in the camp. He used his body as what we would consider the pilates machine if they were unable to do them because of starvation, and conditions at the camps. When the soldiers were able to free the prisoners his camp was the only one that over 90% of the people survived during captivity, and were in good physical shape considering the conditions, and being starved. The hospitals at the time got him and the other survivors at his camp to come do pilates and help with the people who had been in other camps to get them back into shape. That is how Pilates was born 🙂 There are several “new age modern” pilates. People wanting to make them better LOL They are not better nor do they produce the same healing results. So if you try them try the traditional/original pilates. Mari Winsor is the best example of the original I have found, and in 30 days( only Monday, Wednesday, Friday and had not started the treadmill yet) of using them I was 2 sizes smaller even though I had lost no weight. My muscles were long, lean, and strong. Stomach flat as a board, with a pice ab outline, no lower belly pooch. AND I never broke a sweat WIN! The bun and thigh one, on my goodness. It will lift and tighten for sure.

    Since quarantine I have been looking at other videos online just to see what else is out there and I have found that A LOT of exercises are pilates moves, or a variation of pilates. Even several of the ones you have in your post 🙂

    1. WOW! I haven’t heard about pilates, like ever. Thank you so very much for this informative comment! When I was reading, I was like, “workout without sweat?” And then I watched Mari Winsor’s pilate 20 minute workout, I was like, wow. I really didn’t know it was a thing! You have a really good workout schedule! I’d love to fix mine especially now that I know about pilates. For sure I’ll be trying this out!

      Thank you so much for sharing the history of the pilates! Such a very informative comment that I’m truly grateful for!

      And wow, I really can’t wait to try pilates out! I’ll try to do it later and I’m gonna go back at this comment to tell you my first experience!

      Thank you so much, Margaret! Always so grateful for you! 💗✨

      1. I am so glad you think you will like them. I used to lift weights because I was like a stick and it helped give me definition. I wasn’t a body builder or anything haha I did light weights. So, the first time I saw the Mari’s pilates I thought well I just wasted that money buying these dvd’s hahaha Then I actually did the beginner 20 minute video and wow. When I stood up, it was like I had been to the gym and lifted weights. Then I broke bad and said let me do the ab sculpting one hahahaha I was shocked. I didn’t break a sweat but I was certainly feeling the burn. I went back to the beginners for 2 weeks. Then advanced 20 minute work out THEN I tried the 20 minute abs again. The first time I did the 20 minute bun and thighs I had burning in places that I didn’t even know could burn hahaha 🙂 I really hope you like them. And as for my workout routine. It isn’t that intense. I mean 20 minute pilates 3 days and an hour on the treadmill walking 3 days isn’t that much but it keeps me healthy, strong, and really is a big help mentally, and emotionally.

        You are most welcome. You will love how it transforms your muscles. You will see definition in all of them, and they will be lean long muscles. Mari has a ton of videos out there. I am still finding ones that I haven’t seen.

        1. I’ve tried it!! It literally hurts so much and yes, I agree, no sweat! I actually thought it will be a pretty chill workout but noooo, I was so wrong! But I have definitely enjoyed trying it out and I’ll do it more these upcoming days! I’ll try to have a workout schedule like yours! 😊🙌🏼

          Thanks so much for letting me know about this! 💗

          1. YA!!! So happy you liked it. They were a game changer for me. hahaha I can’t wait for you to so the advanced ab sculpting, or advanced buns and thighs hehehe 🙂 I never did anything that made my buns burn that much!! BUT she does give a wonderful tip that works to make them stop 😉

          2. Thanks so much again for recommending it to me! When I don’t feel like sweating but still need to stretch my muscles pilates would for sure be my go to. 🙂

            Thanks so much again! <3

          3. You are most welcome 🙂

  4. ❤ thank you for sharing this! I’m actually in bed rn, skipping my exercise schedule (because I’m feeling lazy huhuh) but reading your post inspires me to get on with it and do my workout 🙈 Hahah! I also started getting “serious” in exercising when I had felt very insecure of myself because of the post partum weight and belly fat 💔 And most importantly I realized I need to really take care of myself so that I can take good care of my daughter.. 😊 God bless you more on your fitness journey!

    1. Yes, I’m so glad!! Let’s get working! Haha! 💗 Oh no, but at least you’re working out now! And wow, that’s a really good message! I definitely agree. It reminds me of the saying that, “How could we give what we don’t have?” So YES, agree!! 😊

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I appreciate it so much! 💗

  5. This reminds me of one time I was doing push ups consistently for a long time, I saw some effects soon enough. You should keep going, exercising is great.
    Oh… and just so you know, I recently replied to your Vincent Ehindero Award, you could check that out.

    1. Yes, that’s true! Consistency is the key! ✨ Thank you so much and I’ll definitely keep that in mind! And yes, I’ve read it already. Thank you so much for participating and you really deserve the award! ✨

      1. Thanks and you’re very welcome!

  6. SIIIIS yessss!! This gave me so much motivation to work out again. Your story is so inspiring and lately I’ve been looking to eat healthier too because I really wanted to practise self discipline and also because unhealthy food felt awful afterwards. Love this post – tysm for sharing these resources! ❤️

    1. I’m so glad!!!! 🥰 I agree but when you’re in the moment, you can’t help but love unhealthy food! When I do that, I tell myself to exercise more later so I won’t feel guilty. 😅 Thank you so much for reading and for commenting, Bayance! I’m so glad you’re here! 💗✨ Best of luck with your workout journey!

  7. I can relate! My belly got too big too, to the point that I look like in the early stages of pregnancy 😂 (I’m not exaggerating haha because people started asking me). Only during this quarantine that I started working out and I agree that working out affects your mood. Since last month, I’ve been doing Chloe Ting’s workout challenges and I love it! The intense workout is totally out of my comfort zone but I love how it makes me feel good. Btw, the app looks interesting! I will definitely try it once I finished the challenge. Let’s do this! Fighting! 💖

    1. The struggle! 😅 I’m so glad that it didn’t affect you negatively and inspired you to work out. I have heard about Chloe Ting’s workout challenges and now that you’ve mentioned it, I’d like to try it too! I’ve been using the app for months (honestly so amazing) but I’m also looking for other workout challenges to try!

      Thank you so much for your comment, Nath! ❤️ Hugs.

      1. I took it negatively at first, but I’m glad that they noticed because I realized that I’m not taking care of my body. 😅
        You’re welcome, Jirah! 💗

  8. Damn girl you’re dedicated! Thanks for sharing your routine. I’m in a similar boat as you, didn’t work out consistently for the longest time and now I do and actually look forward to it.

    1. Yes! Working out is one of the things I look forward these days. Thank you so much for reading and for commenting! <3

  9. I used to use the app too. But I found Pilates more interesting, so I switched to Blogilates YouTube channel. But this was the app that helped me unbloat and shred a few pounds ❤️

    1. I just found out about pilates because of this post! I have tried it out and oh my goodness it hurts so much but I can’t wait to try it a few more so that my body could get used to it. So true! This app helped shape my body. 🙂 Thank you for commenting!

  10. Kayleigh Zara says:

    Working out lately has been a really weird one for me – I’ve loved home workouts during covid but I also really have enjoyed going to the gym in the past!

    1. I see! I have never worked out in a gym so I don’t really know what it’s like! Thank you so much for commenting! <3

  11. Wow. I have just embarked on my fitness journey. been just a coupld of months. Someday, I hope to be able to work out like you. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I received an advice when I didn’t feel like working out, he told me to not think and just do the routines. It works most of the time! <3

  12. Thanks a lot for sharing, I always love a good app for working out! I have also tried to make working out a consistent habit recently,e specially since when I work from home I barely move from my chair the whole day and it’s so unhealthy! What is certain is that I always feel so much better after a workout, even a “light” one! It is crazy how it can change your mood, attitude and body so much! 😊

    1. You’re very much welcome! I hope you’ll enjoy Workout for Women as much as I enjoy using it! 🙂 Same here. I’m still a college student and I’m not working or anything so I’m literally just sitting or lying in my bed this quarantine. I definitely agree with you! It changes your whole mood right after you do it and I’ve noticed it increases my productivity so I do it first thing in the morning! <3

      Thank you so much for reading and I appreciate it so much! <3

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