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What It’s Like To Live Alone | My Freshman University Experience (Philippines)

In my come back slash life update post, I asked you guys what would you want to see in my blog. Honestly though, I’ve been running out of post ideas so thank you so much to BayanceGaby and El because they suggested that I should do posts about my college experience. Thanks again to these lovelies and y’all should check their blog out! 🙂

I am actually very hyped to write this post because it feels like I’ve really grown a lot in that span of time. Almost a year of living independently and I’ve realized that I can actually do a LOT MORE than I could ever imagine. So here we go, buckle up and I hope you enjoy reading my FIRST YEAR IN UNI experience.

I have a lot of things to talk about: how did I meet my friends, how are my professors and subjects, how’s my program, how do I manage studying far away from home and yet spend time with the family every weekend, my youth service, my academic lessons and practices and more which I would really LOVE to talk about but for now, I will just answer one question.

Okay before I begin, I would like y’all to know that I am not literally alone in my dormitory or condo unit or whichever you prefer. I do have my roommates but honestly though, we don’t really talk… like at all. I wasn’t really expecting that I won’t be talking to them because I am so ready before to be friends with all of my roommates but it didn’t happen. And no, my roommates weren’t bad roommates, they are honestly nice but they were just really quiet and they really have a separate life going on. For the whole year that I’m with them, I really didn’t know much of their lives and we didn’t really become friends but it’s okay. So basically, I’m living with them but it feels as if I am alone so yeah, that justifies my title.


The day I moved in was June 16th, 2019 and it was literally a day before my first day of classes. Oh god, I remember the hassle I had to go through this day. I was arranging my stuff and we (my parents were still with me) had to go to the grocery to buy some food. It was a really looooong day and when I was all settled, my parents decided to go home and there, I was left in the condo. I was about to sleep that night and I remember staring into the ceiling, wondering what would happen in the next few days, and one thing was on my mind: would I freaking survive this life? 

  • Living alone and far from your family means you might have to deal with homesickness. 

To those of you who doesn’t know, I’ve lived with my family my entire life. I was so dependent to them and I don’t really do household chores and I don’t even cook my own food so I was literally thinking, what the hell have I gotten to?

Back then, it feels surreal. It feels so scary and at the same time, very exciting. I was so excited to have a new surrounding and I was so excited about having new friends.

During the first few months which was also my own adjustment period, I noticed that I was getting sad and I kept on missing my parents, my two brothers and of course, my cats and dogs. I remember that there was one night when I cried so quietly because I was really missing my home… and I don’t really have anyone there at that time. Our academic year started earlier than other schools which starts at August– so my old friends who chose to study in Manila as well wasn’t available yet and so I had to endure the feeling alone. I kept talking to my parents through chat but it’s still different to have their presence at your side personally.

  • Living alone sucks because after a long day of school, you go home and poof, you have no one else aside from you.

This occurred to me several times. Before, after a long and tiring day of school, my parents already prepared dinner and I can talk to them about how my day went and the like. But now, living alone sucks because when I go home, I want to share how my day went with a friend or a family but I have no one. I really had to adjust being active in chat and calls so that I could let my thoughts out… but it’s still different in person and I know some of you would get this feeling.

  • Living alone means you have to freaking manage your money (whether be it your own money, weekly or monthly allowance.)

OH GOD THROUGHOUT THE YEAR I HAVE STRUGGLED WITH THIS. It was really hard for me to keep my budget and my expenses on track because for short, I don’t know how to budget my money. Sometimes I’d go on full grocery then I realize the next day I have a few money left to last the week. I have a weekly allowance and during the first months, my transportation fees and my grocery was included in my allowance. I reached out to my parents to give me another budget for those because sometimes I really run out of money…. and I rely on fast food to keep me alive. So speaking of food…

  • Living alone means you have to discipline yourself.

OF MANY ASPECTS. You have to stay healthy because in college, it’s really hard to miss one day because if you do, it feels like you missed the whole year of school because there’s a lot of things going on. You have to eat healthy food and not just rely on fast food (which I did) because it’s really bad for the health. You have to discipline yourself to wake up early because you might be late for school and it’d be bad for the attendance record (if you have morning classes this is SO a struggle) and you have to discipline yourself about not going too to many places at once. I don’t mean this literally but I experienced going to A LOT of tourist spots in Metro Manila for like consecutive weeks… and it’s really bad for my budget.

  • But hey, living alone isn’t all that bad. Living alone means you have your time.

My classes are from 7:30AM-1:30PM and after that, I have all the time to myself. I don’t have classes during Wednesdays and Saturdays so I have my time to do whatever I want like completing my requirements for a subject, doing my assignment, sleep, study in a coffee shop or the like. Since I’m away from my parents, I don’t really need to ask permission to go to the mall or somewhere anymore but I did my best to remind them of my whereabouts.

  • Living alone can help you discover something you think you can’t do.

For me, it is definitely to cook food. I’ve mentioned earlier that I don’t really cook and because I live alone, GEEZ, I have to learn or else all my money would be spent for fast meals. If you’d ask about my cooking skills, sometimes it’s good and mostly it’s burnt… haha but I know this is something that I can improve.

  • Living alone can make you explore possibilities, new perspectives and grow individually.

As I have said, living alone isn’t that bad. It’s actually a good thing if you make it a good thing. Sometimes I’d go around for a walk with my friends and explore the environment I’m in and it really opens my eyes to see something. Since I’ve lived in a peaceful and quiet hometown, everyday for me in Manila is a chance to see new things and learn. It’s a chance for me to see reality and have new perspectives. It’s also a chance for me to grow individually as a person and later on share my experiences with others I encounter. 🙂 It’s really a beautiful thing.

And I guess this is all for this post! I feel like I have SO much to say but maybe I’ll save them for the next topics that I’d tackle! 🙂 If you have any questions about my college experiences, you can ask me down below and I’d like to share it in the next posts! <3

If you are or have been to college/university already, how did you adjust in your freshman year?

Thank you so much for reading! I really hoped you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. See you in the next post!

On a side note, please stay at home and don’t go out unless very necessary. Practice social distancing if you do. Salute to all the front liners risking their own lives to help in this whole situation. Speak up to the government if they’re not doing their part. Wash your hands and avoid touching your face. Contact your families, relatives and friends who are far away from you, make sure they are safe and well. Stay safe everyone! 

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  1. Wow this sounds like it was such a big step going from living with your family to basically being alone! You have definitely grown through the experience and it all sounds so interesting as I am yet to move away from home so it’s taught me a couple things ✨ oh and best of luck learning how to cook! 🍲😂 Great post! Take care 💕

    1. That’s so true! Sometimes I still can’t believe that I’ve managed it. 😂 Thank you so much! ✨ Take care as well!! ❤️

  2. This post is so amazing! You are so mature and inspiring. I would NOT be able to survive without my family atm, because I’ve been around them so much. Have a great day and stay safe <3

    1. Thank you so much, that means a lot to me! 🥺❤️ Oh I’m pretty sure you can do it as well when the time comes! 😊 Thank you, stay safe and healthy! 💗

      1. Awh your welcome! stay safe too <3

  3. Hey yesterday I read your writing and now I just read this one, it’s excellent! I’m a third year uni student in one of uni’s in Indonesia and stay with my parents. But, last year I did internship and had to stay far away for months…the first week felt like a year. But then I realize that it was one of the best moments in my life, live independently. I’m sure you’ll learn much much more than I did!✨✨ Anyway, during this outbreaks do you still stay at the dorm?

    1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and reading! That really means a lot to me. ✨ Oh for sure, the hardest part for me was the first week too! And nope, good thing I’ve managed to go home before they announced the lock down. I wouldn’t know what to do if I’m still staying there at these times. For sure it’d be super scary for me. 🥺

      Thanks again for reading!! 💗 Stay safe and healthy! ✨

  4. Thank you for the lovely shoutout! 💕💕
    I really loved reading this post! It’s nice hearing people giving an accurate representation of moving out & going to uni & scary to think it’ll be me I’m not too long… *shudders*
    I know what you mean about talking to people in person – I’m really bad at talking on the phone, I just feel like it makes things awkward, like there’s no social cues so you have those awkward moments when no body speaks & then suddenly everyone speaks at once 😂
    Glad you’re handling it so well though! Stay safe 💖

    1. You’re very much welcome, El! 💗 Aw thank you so much for reading. It’s scary at first but you’ll definitely get along and it’s really fun afterwards! 😊✨
      Oh for sure, I feel the same way! Most of the times when I’m in a phone call I just don’t speak! 😅
      Thanks again! Take care ✨❤️❤️

  5. This was a huge step, good on you for doing it and getting through! I have never really lived on my own either. I went from living with my parents to living with my partner. So while we did have to learn all the budgeting, chores and other household things, it was nice to come home and talk about our day. Sounds like it was a great experience overall though ❤️

    1. For sure! 🥺 Oh I think it’s lovely that you both had to learn budgeting and other household things together. 🥰 Thanks for reading, Angela! Take care! 💗

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