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Welcome to Writings by JM!

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! I am so thrilled to share with you all today and I think some of you have noticed that in the past few days, my blog is under editing. I legit am so happy that after 3 days, I finally get to share what I’ve been working on! I’m so happy and excited!

Not too long ago, I published a post asking what self-hosting site is the best to use for personal bloggers. That time, I was honestly so confused if I should continue purchasing a self-hosting plan or just use free forever. I have been blogging for almost 5 years now and having a self-hosted site is my ultimate blogging dream, so finally, here it is… and I am so thrilled!

Writings by JM

Some of you might ask, why did I change my blog name?

Only a few of my real life friends and family knows that I am blogging. When I go self-hosted, it will be easier to search for me so I just decided to change my blog name instead. From Jirah Merizz to Writings by JM. I don’t know if this makes any sense at all but you know, I just don’t want my name to be the exact name as my blog name and domain. Now, why Writings by JM?

I was brainstorming for a lot of blog name and domain ideas that would have a glimpse of my real name in it but would not include my whole name. Since I made this blog for writing and I have a poetry twitter account named @writingsbyjm, I thought to just use it. I’m so glad that it’s available.

What My Site Looks Like

Some portions of my site aren’t fully polished, but I think it’s ready to be open for the public. If you want to view my site on your own and experience the hard work that I’ve been focusing on for days, please do click this link:Β Writings by JM

But if you’re busy and can’t afford some time to go outside the WordPress Reader, then I’ll show you a quick tour around my blog!


This is the homepage of my blog that would welcome you when you visit my site. In the upper right, I have my social media icons. Then I have my blog name and tagline. Then the menu which has Jirah Merizz, Contact, Buttons and My Artworks. I’ve also added a search icon in the menu so you could search what you’re looking for.
When you scroll down a little bit, you’ll see the featured area of my blog. Here I have another link of Jirah Merizz which is my About page, Printables wherein you can download Printables that I made available before and the Collaborations part wherein you can click it and instantly send me an email.

Posts and Sidebar

When you scroll down a little bit more, you’ll see my latest posts and my sidebar. My sidebar has archives, subscribe via email button, follow via, view more (which are my recent posts), what people are loving, another search engine, all time-stats, and some ads (which I still don’t have lol)

Footer Widgets

Then when you scroll down ’til the bottom, you’ll see my footer widget area. The first part is my website logo, a follow via wordpress button, and a subscribe to blog via email again. Next part is the categories (which I really love in the theme I’m using because I could put a thumbnail to it which made it really stylish). Next is the Blog Calendar and the last one is the Meta widget.


If you clicked on my category, then you can easily read the posts you want to read. Here’s the sample!

I think that’s all for the quick blog tour! I’ve been spending days to export all of my old site’s (which is now private) content to import everything here. I’ve had problems with importing images, resizing the thumbnails but so far, I’m so happy with how the blog looks.

I still have a lot to do like creating new thumbnails for my posts because my theme has a custom size for the thumbnails and my old thumbnails just don’t fit. I have more than 300 posts so… I don’t know. I hope I get to edit everything. I also need to edit some of my blog posts that I’ve put a gallery to it because the images didn’t transfer here… so that’s another thing to do.

Anyway, that’s all for now! I’ve been spending the whole day in front of my laptop to edit my blog and finally write a post to present to you. I can say that I’m feeling so tired- but really, it’s worth it. πŸ™‚ More of my self-hosting experience to come soon! If you’ve been thinking to go self-hosted too, stay tuned!

Thank you all so much for reading. I hope you visit my blog to see it first-hand! I am also open to criticisms that would help me improve the overall look of my blog. πŸ™‚

Are you planning to go self-hosted?

If you do, I can help in some way! See you on my next post!

Pandemic reminder: Please stay at home and don’t go out unless very necessary; practice social distancing if you do. Salute to all the front liners risking their own lives to help in this whole situation. You are all heroes! Speak up to the government/authorities if they’re not doing their part. Wash your hands and avoid touching your face. Contact your families, relatives and friends who are far away from you, make sure they are safe and well. Pray deeper. Stay safe everyone!Β 

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  1. Woah! That’s brilliant. Congratulations on having your own site. I’m sure that your hard work will pay off soon. Keep going! ❀

    1. Thank you so much! 😊✨

  2. Wow that’s awesome!! I love the colors and aesthetics of your site!
    Barely anyone I know even knows I have this blog too lol! I’d like to be self hosted one day, but not now πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much, Ayesha!! I really loved decorating it. ❀️

      Anyway, did this post appear on your WordPress Reader? I think I’m currently having problems with this…

      1. <3
        Yup! This was in my Reader. What's the problem? πŸ™

        1. Since I moved to a self-hosting site, it seems like my posts aren’t appearing normally on Reader. It seems like the subscribers I had before moving to another site doesn’t see it on their Reader.

          But I’m so glad it appeared to yours! Thank you so much for answering! 😭❀️

          1. Oh no! I hope it all works out! πŸ’•πŸ˜¬

          2. Thank you!! 😭❀️✨

  3. Truly, I’m so proud of you!
    I love the overall aesthetic of Writings by JM and appreciate all the hard work you have put into it.
    Here’s to new beginnings! Wish you the best! πŸŽ‰πŸ€©

    Stay safe and blessed! πŸ’«

    1. Thank you soooo much! 😭❀️❀️ I really appreciate it! πŸ’•

      And if you don’t mind, did this post appeared on your Reader? It seems like I’m having a problem with my posts appearing on Reader…

      1. ❀❀❀

        Yes, this post appeared on my Reader.

        1. Good to know!! Thank you so much for helping out. ❀️

  4. Love the new customise!! I know it always takes heck a lot of time to nail it and now it looks so cool! I love the posts page and footer widgets especially as they look unique.
    And omg 300 posts is way amazing!! And I didnt know there was a printable section so I’m eager to check that out! Thanks 😁😁 XX

    1. Thank you so much! ❀️ It really is! I’ve really been spending a lot of time to finally get everything polished. 😭❀️ Thank you! I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years now so I think that’s why! I hope you enjoy the blog!!! ❀️🌸

  5. Nice blog!!

    1. Thank you so much! <3

  6. It looks great!

    1. Thank you so much!! ❀️✨

  7. Oh my god, Jirah!! This is stunning! I loved your aesthetic before, but this is just next level stuff – it’s beautiful! Congratulations on going self-hosted, I can’t wait for more content! <3

    1. Omg you’re so sweet!!! 😭 Thank you so much, Arshia!!!! ❀️✨ I really appreciate it. β€οΈπŸ’•

  8. Your blog is looking AMAZING! πŸ™ŒπŸ˜ I’m nowhere near ready to go self-hosted πŸ˜‚ I get so anxious whenever I think about it. So happy to see this next step for you and your blog and wishing you all the best with it βœ¨πŸ’•

    1. Thank you so much, Elsie!!!! 😭❀️ It really takes time. But when you want to go self-hosted, you really should! We’ll support you all the way. πŸ’•βœ¨ Thank you so much again, I really appreciate it! ❀️

      By the way, did this post appear on your Reader?

      1. You’re welcome βœ¨πŸ’• and thank you!! πŸ˜„ Yes it did show up in the reader xx

        1. That’s so good to know! Thanks so much for answering! <3

  9. Hi Jirah! I’m new to wordpress and I discovered your blog on Reader. I was thrilled that you’re from the Philippines as well, and I didn’t expect you’d follow back! πŸ’• Thank you so much, kahit medyo magulo pa yung saken kasi nilalaro-laro ko pa lang yung customizations and all.πŸ˜… Anyway, I just noticed this is a new site na pala. Congrats on having a self-hosted blog! Napakaganda po ng layout mo at ng mga content din.😊 Lalo ako na iinspire na mag blog. Keep it up and best wishes sa’yo! πŸ’–

    1. Hello! <3 Sobrang salamat! Kinikilig ako. <3 I actually remember visiting your site and I really liked your content kaya kita finollow. :) UYYY, kaya mo 'yan! Masaya paglaruan ang customize hahaha and honestly ang ganda ng blog moooo! <3 Thank you, sobra! :) Ikaw din, magsulat ka lang, kaya natin 'to! <3 Maraming salamat ulit! <3

  10. Great website design. I’m planning on getting self hosted in upcoming months but I want to do it all on a wordpress paid plan. What platform did you use?

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve actually thought to just be self-hosted at WordPress paid plans but it’s too expensive for me so I searched for others. I used Hostinger for my hosting platform and I also bought the domain from them. They offer plans from $0.99/month 😊 I’m actually gonna make a post about my experience with them which will come up soon. If you’re interested you can read it. If you have any other questions you can reply to this comment or email me. 😊

      1. Wow! This is me. I’ve been blogging for a year and some months now but I really want to make my content .com so I can maybe make revenue from ads but I really don’t know how hosting works. Please I’ll prefer your email instead, my questions are a little cumbersome and although I know Google has most answers, its going to be fantastic if I can get your perspective because from this angle Hostinger is a really great option.

        1. I am more than willing to help you! Please email me using the contact form in my website or just email me at 😊

          1. Thank you so so much. I’ll compose an email and probably send them before the end of the week.

          2. Sure thing! No worries! πŸ™‚

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