Things I Love About Christmas | Blogmas # 4

Hello everyone and I hope you’re having a joyful day! 🎄❤️ Welcome to another entry of Blogmas and I hope you enjoy today’s post!

So for those of you who don’t know, I’m doing Blogmas wherein I post 15 entries also as preparation for Christmas. I can’t blog everyday this December and have 24 posts because I’ll be having my midterms in the third week of December and I gotta prepare so yeah! Enjoy my posts!

Today’s entry would be a list of the THINGS I love about Christmas. Most people celebrate it, decorate their homes and spread positivity these times, but I want to give a list about the concrete reasons on WHY I love Christmas. The list are in no order so… let’s get started!

1. The Thought Counts

Everything counts, for the very least! When someone gives you a gift, a Christmas letter, a Christmas card, it’s not the gift that matters the most but the THOUGHT. To think someone have remembered you during their preparation or wrapping of gifts or writing of letters, it’s overwhelming and SO much appreciated. The real meaning behind every gift is WHAT we should GIVE IMPORTANCE to.

2. It’s all about time… family time.

And yes for me this is the most important one! Christmas is the time for our families! No matter if someone has work already, or is still studying, the institutions they’re in would give holiday breaks for the students/workers to spend time with their family. It’s family time and we do not get another holiday long breaks to spend time with them except for Christmas. Whether it be seeing a movie, decorating your home, seeing your siblings do their wrappings or by just talking to your family, it would make the best time.

3. People are just really nice.

Some might argue with this one but I have really noticed this after celebrating Christmas since my childhood and interacting with a lot of people during this month. Some people become extra nice which is a really good thing because it makes everything happier and it makes the world much more beautiful. It’s like people are really living the Christmas spirit wherein they do acts of charity to make someone happy– and I know, it would be better if people do this everyday and not just on Christmas.

4. Jesus is the reason for this season!

Every year, it has been our family tradition that starting on December 15, we go to church to attend the Misa de Gallo or the Simbang Gabi to praise and glorify our Lord, Jesus Christ. We have not broken this tradition and our family has now plans on what to give to the Church this coming Simbang Gabi. It has really been a. family tradition that I would never want to break, ever. Being under God’s embrace in the Church while listening to the priest’s sermon, it just unifies all of our differences to each other and makes all the people inside the Church as one. Christmas wouldn’t even matter and would be this big if it weren’t for Jesus so yeah, he is the reason of all this! ❤️

Since this is my fourth entry, I decided to only give four reasons as others would be included in my other posts to do!!

Thank you so much for reading this, always! Now I have to ask you:

What do you love about Christmas?

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  1. I love this. I totally share all these loves <3

    1. Thank you so much for reading, lovely! ❤️

  2. This was so inspirational! <3 I agree, this is a beautiful time of year to spend with family. I can’t wait to go Christmas shopping for everyone! (I’m planning on personalizing the gifts this year. I want them to be more special than just buying my family more stuff! 😂❤️)

    1. Thank you so much!! 🥰 And yes that’s also what I’d like to do but still I don’t have any money savings at all! 😔 Good luck on the family shopping and I definitely agree! It’s nice to personalize your gifts when it comes to the family! 💖

  3. I totally agree with the first point! I love writing all my friends cards of why I admire them and how much they mean to me! 💕

    1. Thank you so much, El!! Letters/cards will always be precious! 💖

  4. I love all those things about Christmas too! Especially sharing time with family and the fact it’s all for Jesus 😊 Christmas is simply the best xx

    1. For sure, it is!! 💖 Thank you! ❤️

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