First Blogaversary

Hey hey hey! How are you all? How was your Christmas? I sure hope your holiday went out great! 

Okay, so today marks my first year in the blogging world! *claps claps* I honestly didn’t think that I’d reach 1 year in the blogging world. So to celebrate it, I thought I’d do a Q and A! 

Without further ado, let’s start! 

What were your expectations when you first started blogging? 

– I honestly expected nothing. I made a blog because I really want to express myself even if nobody reads it. I just want to let my feelings and when someone followed me, I was like omfg why!? because as I’ve told you, I didn’t really expect to have followers and now I’ve made a great bunch of friends which is seriously great! 

What made you start blogging? 

– I think I’ve answered this question a few times and it’s on my About page but I started blogging because I got really festive last year and want to share it on the internet. And.. of course, because of Girl Online.

Would you still continue blogging this year? 

– Of course!! I would never quit blogging anytime now. I think it’s already a part of my life. Do you guys feel me? Lol.

Have you encountered bad experiences in blogging? 

– So far, I’ve encountered none.

Have you even been jealous to other bloggers? 

– Honestly, yes. But I take it as an inspiration to do well! Sometimes I wonder, why can’t I think of a blog post that is really really good? and etc… And if you ask if I’m jealous to the other bloggers that has more followers than me, nope. I’ve never envied bloggers that has huge amount of followers. Not that it’s not great, it’s actually great to have followers, but I never got jealous because they worked hard for it! And I know I’m gonna reach that, too. 

What made you so inlove with blogging?

– The people. I fell in love because I encounter other bloggers from the other side of the world who has other opinions than mine, other rants and ramblings, other interests and etc… Just by reading other bloggers’ post, it felt like I knew them and it’s just really amazing.

Do you still remember what time have you started blogging?

– I still remember! *big clap for me* It’s on the 26th of December, around 16:40. And I started editing my blog’s theme after I made my very first blog post!

What is your current blog stats?

How many posts have you made in your whole first year? 

– WordPress notified me that I got an achievement. My total blog posts now is 52. (This post included.)

Are you satisfied of what you’ve achieved this year? 

– Yes! This year I’ve got 500+ total likes, 150+ followers and of course, I’ve gained friends. 

Are you satisfied of your posts this year? 

– Nope. I am absolutely not satisfied! Before I start blogging, I told myself that I’m gonna make about 2 posts per week but I ended up not posting for such long months. That time, I’m not really in the mood of doing blog posts or even reading. I hate that I became so lazy like that. I hope it doesn’t happen again next year.

Anything more you’d like to achieve as you start your first day after your first year? 

– I’d like to reach 300 followers before I reach my second anniversary… About my other goals, it will be on a new blog post along with my 2017 goals. Look out for this! 

Do your parents and friends know that you’re blogging? 

– Yes. I was really ashamed at first. But as I go on and the more I fall in love with blogging, I decided to tell my parents that I’m doing something like this. They are supportive about this and I’m thankful for that! As for my friends, I’m still ashamed because every time I post a new one, they keep on grinning and grinning and grinning. But I know I’ll manage. 

What posts would you like to do as you start your second year in blogging? 

– I would like to do DIY, fashion and more motivational posts! I’d also love to post about cooking and baking but…uhm. 
So that’s it! The questions are asked by my friends, they don’t have a blog so I couldn’t link them. 

Thank you so much for reading if you reached the end. I suppose this is a long super chatty post.

Anyways, I’ll re-design my blog’s design so if you have any suggestions, comment down below! 

See you next post. Bye!