Summer Playlist! 

Hello! Back at it again with the playlist thingy. The photo above is mine and I’m proud of taking something magical like that. Look at the sunset! Haha x’s summer here in the Philippines! It is very very hot. I swear! :< So, I’m sharing you my summer playlist. I literally ran out of blogpost ideas awhile ago when I came up with this. I was listening to a song earlier and got frustrated with one artist because the song doesn’t match with this hot hot weather! Haha sorry. So here it is.

1. Afire Love by Ed Sheeran

  • So when I got frustrated earlier, I switched to Ed Sheeran’s Afire Love. Ed Sheeran’s voice suits all types of weather! Also, the song has an effect on me. I don’t know but I really love Afire Love! Kudos to Ed! Expect more Ed Sheeran’s songs on the following.

2. Autumn Leaves by Ed Sheeran

  • Haha the title is somewhat opposite to summer. But I love it.

3. My Everything by Ariana Grande

  • I kept on listening to this these past few days so might as well add this to my summer playlist. Anyway I’ve watched Ariana’s video imitating Shakira. Wow, she really sounded like Shakira there! She’s really talented!

4. Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy. (Wild, Bite, Fools) by Troye Sivan

  • I AM OBSESSED WITH THIS TRILOGY! I kept on watching the videos because it’s so good. Much much respect to Troye Sivan.

5. History by One Direction

  • I felt like this somg was for Zayn, or it really is? Haha, I’m not a 1D af but I love their songs!

6. Don’t Let Me Go by Jai Waetford

  • I only know Jai’s songs. I don’t know if Jai’s a guy or a girl, because damn, Jai’s voice is so smooth and it sounds like a girl! Please let me know in the comments if Jai’s a girl or a guy. Go listen to Jai’s songs! You’ll love it!

7. Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran

  • This song’s pretty old but it never gets old for me! BEST COLLAB EVER! Tay and Ed x

8. Ever Enough by A Rocket To The Moon

  • The lead singer’s voice is so calm and soft, too. I wonder why they disbanded. They’re a great band and they’ve wrote good songs! It’s really saddening that they have disbanded. But oh well, everything happens for a reason.

9. I Never Wanted To Go by Willamette Stone

  • This song was from the movie, If I Stay. Go listen to it if you still haven’t! The song’s good… but heartbreaking.

10. Like A Fool by Keira Knightley

  • This song was from the movie, Begin Again. This song is pretty funny because it is bittersweet. You should watch Begin Again! You’ll love the songs, I promise.

There! So I’ve chosen smooth songs because rough ones doesn’t really match this weather. I don’t like rap songs right now. It’s so hot 🙁

Let me know in the comments what is/are your favourite songs right now! I might listen to it. X

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See you next post.

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  1. Great post! I love so many of these songs xxx

    1. Thanks Rosy!

  2. HAHAHAHA! Jai is a boy and looks pretty nice as welll:)
    Oh and I think History was directed to Zayn as well, “Thought we were goin’ strong, thought we were holdin’ on.. aren’t we”

    1. I’d search for him! Thanks, Lucia! Haha his voice really sounded like a girl! It’s so nice x
      Yeaaah and the music video of it too.

      1. Yeah, it’s so smooooooooooooooth, 🙂

  3. Ed Sheeran and Troye Sivan are some of my favourite artists x

    Zoel Hernández |

    1. Same here! Their voice are calm and soft. It’s soothing to hear x

  4. Ariana Grande yessss!

  5. Ooh I love Ed Sheeran- great post 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! X

      1. You’e welcome! X

  6. Ed Sheeran is like my life, I really love that new collaboration he did with Tori Kelly.

    1. I haven’t heard about that. I’ll totally check it out! X

      1. You totally should, it’s so lovely. 🙂

        1. I’ve heard it!! It’s so good omg 😮

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