Mystery Blogger Award #4, #5 & #6

Hello everyone!!! I think need to catch up on the awards and tags that I have been nominated to, so I’ll do more of them these following days. We all love awards and tags, so I hope you won’t get rid of me. 

Mystery Blogger Award #4, #5 & #6

So I was nominated by three lovely bloggers to do this award. I honestly appreciate this and thank you so so much, Ella May GarrettHayley of Luna and Starring Pamela for nominating me to do this! I hope you lovelies are having a great day! ❤


  1. Put the award logo/image in your post. 
  2. List all of the rules.
  3. Thank whoever nominated you and leave a link to their blog.
  4. Mention the creator of award– which is Okoto Enigma. She writes amazing poems and pretty good tips about everything! 
  5. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself. 
  6. Nominate 10-20 people.
  7. Notify each of your nominees by commenting on their blog.
  8. Ask nominees 5 questions, including a weird or funny question.
  9. Share a link to your best/favourite post of yours.


  1. I am currently watching Riverdale. I know, I’m so late but I was binge watching it earlier with Jen Kyla and we’re loving it so much. 
  2. I have dry lips as of the moment and it’s really annoying and ugly. I don’t know what to do with this so please if you have any suggestion of products about dry lips, comment it down below! 
  3. I was supposed to do a haul post today but didn’t get to do it. Expect the post tomorrow!
  4. I really have a lot of tags and awards to do. I don’t want to get them all stuck up so there’d be a lot of them to appear in your Reader. Haha.
  5. Celebrity crush? Cole Sprouse!!!
  6. I can sleep for four hours in the afternoon, eat when I got up and sleep again for four more hours and that is why my sleeping schedule is ruined.
  7. I had my date with Jen Kyla earlier and we ate a lot of good food. We also went to Prosperitea to have a good cup of Okinawa Milk Tea. 
  8. The book that is in my bed right now because I’m currently reading it is Ghostgirl, Lovesick by Tonya Hurley. I bought this book years ago and I thought I completely lost it but when I was searching for an extension wire in my brother’s room, I saw the book instead. I’m so glad!
  9. I will do a cleaning spree tomorrow in my room. I want to get everything organised before I start school and I am expecting to shop again for school this coming Thursday.


      1. If one of your items of furniture could speak, which one would you like it to be? (This is very Beauty & the Beast inspired!)

      • Fun question!! Aha I would certainly love my desk to talk. Ahah and maybe my desk could do some writings for me as well? That’d be so lovely.

      2. Weirdest gift you’ve ever received or seen someone received? 

      • I have never ever received something like this, but it’s the weirdest and scariest if someone sent you a snake. I’ve seen this in movies and I don’t really want that to happen to me. Scary. 

      3. Do you like cheese? If so, what is your favourite? 

      • No, I know. I don’t really like cheese. Sorry, cheese lovers!

      4. Have you ever/do you ever drink the milk after finishing the cereal? 

      • Yes!! I always finish everything in my plate and I really do love milk.

      5. If you had to change your name, what would it be? 

      • I am so happy with my name right now, but I’d like to have Mary in my name. Haha. My friends know this and they’d laugh off. But since I have Merizz in my name, it’s totally fine with me.

      Thanks again, Ella, for nominating me! i enjoyed answering your questions and I hope you’re having a lovely day!

      1. Why did you choose to blog? 

      • This is cheating, but I probably best explained this in my About page. But other than that, I also found love and comfort and happiness in blogging, that’s why I chose to continue this hobby and as it turned out, it became my passion.

      2. What is your dream vacation and why? 

      • I think my dream vacation would be in Hawaii, or in Paris. I don’t know, Hawaii seems fun for summer and Paris, geez, that’s a pretty good sight out there which is the Eiffel Tower.

      3. Have you read The Hunger Games? If so, who is your favourite character? 

      • I have only watched The Hunger Games, so I’m not familiar on how they are on the books. But I really do love Katniss Everdeen. She made me love archery.

      4. Do you like to bake/cook?

      • The idea is really fun, especially baking– but we don’t really have a good kitchen yet and some of our appliances are broken. 

      5. On a scale of 1 to 10, how good are you at typing? 

      • Maybe 8 or 9? My teacher and my friends always say that I should rather type the certain stuff because I’m fast at typing. I grew up with typing lol.

      Thanks again, Hayley, for nominating me! I really enjoyed answering your questions and I hope you’re having a lovely day!!


      1. How long could you survive without your phone? 

      • A day, atleast. I really use my phone for communicating with someone and I also use my phone for blogging, so it will be hard without it.

      2. What’s the last movie you watched and did you like it? 

      • The last movie that I’ve watched is The Boss Baby. (Click the link to read my review about it!) And yes, I’ve liked the movie.

      3. What’s your favourite fast food place to go to? 

      • Jollibee, or McDonald’s. As long as it serves chicken and fries, I am solved!

      4. Have you had enough water today? (Just looking out for you!)

      • Awh thanks, Pam! But to be honest, I didn’t drink enough water today. Too bad that I always forget about it.

      5. What is your favourite family tradition? 

      • During Christmas and New Years, we always go to our grandparents house to celebrate it. When I was still a kid, it was so much fun and I promise, we’re all complete.. but as time goes by, it’s not really the way we’re used to before, but we’re still happy!!! ❤

      Thanks, Pamela, for nominating me! I really enjoyed answering your questions and I hope you’re having a lovely day!!!


        Here are the links of my two most viewed posts and they are also one of my favourites as well so if you haven’t checked it out yet, just click the links!! 

        Random Thoughts About My Blog

        Blog Secrets Revealed!

        I NOMINATE:


        1. If you could live in any fictional place, where would you live? And take note, Hogwarts isn’t included! :p
        2. Do you spend time in Youtube, if so, who is your favourite Youtuber?
        3. Name an artist or a band that you’ve been loving for years and still love now!
        4. In your opinion, where do you think is the most beautiful place there is in the world?
        5. Describe your family. 

        Thank you so much for reading this, if ever you made it to the end! Ahah I know this was a long post, but I absolutely enjoyed writing this and answering their questions. And I’m asking you a favour, please go right now and check their blogs if you still haven’t!!! It’s worth it! 😉

        I hope you’re all having a lovely day and I’ll see you on my next post. Bye!!

        Blossom Themes


        1. Congrats on these nominations, Jirah! 😍💚 I loved reading your answers – and thanks for the nomination! Ahaha I’m the same way with fast food places; if they have chicken and fries, I’m good. 😂👌🏼 I’m looking forward to the haul post you mentioned doing tomorrow! Woohoo!! Also, when I have dry lips, EOS lip balm helps me the most. 😊

          1. Thanks, Maggie and you’re welcome!! 😉💗 I could really live with chicken and fries ahah– ahh thank you!!! Can’t wait to do it! Thanks for the suggestion, Maggie. I’m really annoyed with my lips at the moment. 😣 Anyway I hope you’re having a lovelyy day! ❤

            1. You’re welcome! Hahah same here! No problem, I hope it helps:) dry lips are no fun, haha. Same to you, Jirah! xx

        2. Wow! You are really rocking – congratulations again!

          1. Ah thanks for dropping by, Dolly!! I hope you’re having a lovelyy day!! 🙈💗

            1. You too, dear!

        3. I loved reading your answers! I am the same way with fast food places, I’m good as long as there is chicken and fries. 😂

          1. I could live with chicken and fries as well. Aha thanks so much for dropping by– I hope you’re having a lovelyy day! 💗

        4. Congratulations dear!! Your answers were lovely!!

          1. Thank you so much!! And thanks (again) for dropping by aha I hope you’re having a lovelyy day! 💗

            1. Same to you 😊

        5. :):):) Congratulations :):)

          1. Thank you so much!!! Hope you’re having a lovely day. 😉❤

            1. Thank you Jirah 🙂 I am having a very lovely and blessed day. I pray they same for you :):)

        6. Congrats on all the nominations!! Really enjoyed reading all your answers to the questions!! 😊😊 xx

          1. Thank you so much, Amelia!! You’re really sweet. ❤ I hope you’re having a lovely day!! 💗

            1. It’s okay and awww thank you same with you 😁💓 xx

          1. Thank you so much!! And thanks (again) for visiting my blog. I hope you’re having a lovelyy day! 💗

        7. Congrats!!! My lips are always so dry… I feel you 😉 thanks so much for nominating me! I have to catch up with some awards but I am doing it asap, x

          1. Thanks, Anni! And no worries, you can take your time. I also have to catch up with awards so I totally feel you. Anyway, I hope you’re having a lovely day! 💗

            1. Aww thank you so much! I hope you’re day is amazing, xx

              1. It is!! Thank you. 💗

        8. Loved reading your answers!!! Also now I want chicken and fries! 😅

          1. Thanks, Pamela!! Believe me, I also want chicken and fries too aha it’s lunch time here already. 😅 Hope you’re having a lovelyy day! 💗

            1. You as well! 💖

        9. Congratulations and thank you for the nomination!

          1. Thank you and you’re so much welcome, Pooja!! 💗 Hope you’re having a lovely day!

            1. I am and I hope you’re having a great day too!

        10. Congratulations on all the nominations!! And thank you for nominating me 😀
          I would love to visit Paris one day too, it seems so cultural and beautiful 🙂

          1. Thank you, Angela!!! 💗 Ah, Paris is so lovely!! 🌸❤ And you’re welcome– I hope you’re having a lovely day!! 💗

        11. OMG Cole Sprouse is my crush too!! Thank you so much for answering my (always) weird and wonderful questions ahha. I love the desk idea – that is fab xxx

          1. He is just sooo lovely 😍 Ahah and you’re welcome!! I enjoyed answering them. 💗 Aha thanks and I hope you’re having a wonderful day. ❤

        12. Congratulations! I enjoyed reading your responses.

          1. Thank you so much, Cherylene. It was so fun to answer them! 💗

        13. Congrats on the award! Thank you for the nomination. When my lips are dry I lick it hahaha kidding. Sometimes I use petroleum jelly. Just a tap from it. It works for my lips I don’t know if it’s allowed to be used for lips 😂😂

          1. Thanks and you’re welcome!! Haha the butterfly thing 😂😂 I think petroleum jelly is allowed on the lips, Jen suggested it to me. 😂😛

            1. 😂😂 oh, ok hahaha that’s nice. We’ve both suggested it. It’s weird at first but it really works.

              1. Hope it works for me.

        14. Congrats!! Lovely answers 🙂

          1. Thank you so much!!! 💗 Have a lovely day!

            1. Welcome! You too 😉

        15. Congrats girl! Loved your answers(: I especially liked the Beauty and the Beast inspired question and answer aha a talking desk would be dope af haha and thank you for the nominations beeb! <3

          1. Thank you bb! ❤ Aha I’m quite proud of that 😂💗 And you’re always welcome bb Alli ❤❤ Have a wonderful day!

            1. you too bb! <3

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        17. Congratulations ❤️ nice answers

          1. Thank you so much 💗

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        19. Aha I remember Dylan and Cole!Thank you for nominating me, I’m going to enjoy answering your questions✨
          also I definitely didn’t drink enough water today either. I’ve been doing good so far besides today.

          1. Sprouse! 😍 You’re so much welcome, Lee. Can’t wait to read your answers! And I’m starting to drink more water now because my lips are really dry as of the moment– I’ve heard drinking water helps. ☺❤

        20. Ahh Riverdale!!! ❤

          1. Yaaaas! 💗

        Let me know your thoughts!