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Love and Appreciation

Recently, I have been consistently being reminded of two things: love and appreciation. It is always so easy to talk about how to love and how to appreciate more but sometimes, it is so hard to apply what we talk about in ourselves. Sometimes, the love and appreciation that we give to others are what we need the most and yet we completely forget to appreciate our own selves. So today, I want to talk about these two things.

Love and Appreciation

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No, they don’t appreciate you – and it’s not their job. It’s your own job to appreciate yourself.

Jonathan Lockwood Huie

I want to start off with this quote by Huie. While there are people who truly appreciate you, you will never realize it unless you appreciate yourself first. After all, it’s your own job to appreciate yourself. Not appreciating yourself and what you do will definitely lead you to be burnt out– and while it really happens– it is best if we eliminate our negative thoughts quickly before it becomes big.

The reason why I was being reminded of love and appreciation recently is because I was burnt out. I don’t really feel good and everything I do seems to be completely worthless. Whilst I really love what I do (creating art, writing), I was lacking self-appreciation and self-love. Doing what I love became completely exhausting that I cannot work and create anything anymore. Then, I have decided to take a break.

My situation was like: I don’t appreciate what I do and yet I still push myself to do something, to create something and this led me to burning out. The break I took really helped me to know what’s happening to me and furthermore understand it.

Yesterday, I attended in our youth meeting and I was so glad that our topic was about appreciation and love. My youth group leader told me three points and I would like to share them to you too. These are called the ABCs.

A – Appreciate your own efforts.

Most of the times, we tend to dismiss the things and efforts that we put in what we do. Take for example, you wrote a blog post. You gave so much love and life in your words, very eager and excited to publish it and yes, you did. But after a little more scrolling in the blog, you’ve read other blog posts that seems to be better than yours– and this is when you dismiss your own efforts. We start to not appreciate ourselves when we start comparing it to others. Let this be a reminder than you have to fully appreciate yourself because in this way, you’ll get the satisfaction already. The biggest win is when you really appreciate yourself as a whole. Other people appreciating you is a bonus.

B – Become an instrument of love.

Appreciate the things you do, and appreciate with love. I believe that these two things really come together. I actually have thought of it as a cycle: do with love, love makes you appreciate, appreciation makes you love it more, and then you will do more and then it goes on. Become an instrument of love that in everything you do, people will love it too because you, yourself, loved it so much first.

C – Christ in the center.

What makes everything the best is when we put Christ in the center. He– who is Love– never fails.

The ABCs helped me to have a really huge realization and now, I’m feeling as good as ever.

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If you are also feeling burnt out, don’t be afraid to take a rest. Take all the time you need to appreciate yourself and to love yourself even more. Lack of self-appreciation really happens especially when you feel like you didn’t meet the deadlines, you didn’t cross all of your to-do list, you need to do tasks at a certain time and more. This happens and it’s okay. Sometimes you can even feel guilty for taking a rest. Sometimes everything can stress you out. And again, it’s okay for all your feelings are valid… but please don’t be too hard in yourself.

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At the end of the day, please affirm yourself. Appreciate all the amazing things you do. Let love prevail in everything. And the time will come when you feel like you’re good to go again and ready to take the world with all the love and appreciation you have.

I believe in you. Fall in love with taking care of yourself.

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Thank you so much for reading. This post kinda explains why I missed last week’s Wednesday blog post– I was taking a rest. Also, thank you so much to everyone who viewed my blog these past few days! I hope you all enjoy reading what I share here. Now, I want to ask you:

How do you practice self-love and appreciation?

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  1. I love how you put that – Fall in love with taking care of yourself. What a lovely reminder. And sorry to hear you were burning out. Hoping the rest did you good. Glad you are back.

    1. Thank you so much, Markus and Micah! I’m feeling really good right now. 🙂 Thanks again!

  2. Jirah! This post is literally amazing! I love and appreciate this post on love and appreciation 🙂 Appreciating yourself is literally so important and it’s something that I definitely need to work on more! We deserve our own love and appreciation and I love how you put together this post!

    1. Thank you so much, Manasa! Love and appreciation is definitely something we all know but sometimes we overlook it that we don’t do it anymore. Thank you so much for reading and I am really so glad that you love this post. 🙂

  3. Very amazing post you’ve written. Love how you put it and I love the line fall in love with taking care of yourself. ♥️

    1. Thank you so much, Nianni. I am so glad you loved this. 🙂

      1. You’re welcome 😊

  4. Truly, we need to fall in love with ourselves and we need to love and appreciate ourselves.
    That’s so important and people need to be reminded this so often these days.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Definitely! It is something that we already know so much that we overlook and don’t do it anymore. Thank you so much for reading!

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