Important Things You Should Do Before Christmas | Blogmas # 7

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Blogmas post! We just had our school Christmas party earlier and I just realized a few things about why people really celebrate Christmas. I took some reflections and decided to make a blog post about the things you should do before Christmas. But before getting started…

For those of you who don’t know, I’m doing Blogmas wherein I post 15 entries also as preparation for Christmas. I did not blog everyday this December and have 24 posts because I’ll had my midterms in the third week of December and I’ve got to prepare so yeah! Enjoy my posts!

Giving gifts, receiving, is one of the best parts of Christmas. Shopping for stuff and actually buying them to give it to others is a really satisfying feeling and it just makes someone happy. However, aside of all the things we do yearly in Christmas, I’ve thought of other important things to do before Christmas actually comes!

  • Help the unfortunate.

This is honestly one of the best things to do every Christmas. Lately, I had come to a realization that I’m really blessed because I could get to eat three times a day, and I really thank God for that. However, when I think about the less fortunate ones, I can’t help but become sad and think about what ways I could help them. I know that I can always offer my time, because availability is the best ability, but I actually wanted to do something more for them this Christmas. My mom already had plans to help the unfortunate this coming Christmas and I am just so excited to give things to these people, especially the children. I have always been so passionate about serving the people and it just makes me so, so excited.

So you can honestly give anything you want to them. You can organize your closet, and give clothes that you don’t really wear anymore. I think it would be really helpful for them. You can also cook some food and give it to them, it’s honestly up to you and how you think you’ll make them happy.

  • Forgive your enemies & ask for forgiveness as well!

This is really easy to say, but one of the hardest acts to do. This Christmas, make it a better and meaningful one. If you have someone that you had an argument with, maybe it’s now time to be at peace with them and forgive them with what they have done to you. Forgiving your enemy might bring joy to him/her, but it will bring you much more joy and peace inside. Christmas is all about spreading peace and love, so make your heart and mind at peace as well.

  • Just love. Show how passionate you are with the things that you love. Show how mindful you are of the people that you love. Just spread love.

Plato once said, “The madness of love is the greatest of heaven’s blessings.” Nothing in the world would ever be possible if it weren’t for love, so we should also do everything with love in return. Christmas is all about love and there are actually a lot of ways to spread love and you can do it in your own way. There’s no one stopping you to love, you can do it for it’s honestly one of the greatest blessings to love and to be loved. ❤️

Thank you so much for reading my Blogmas # 7. I truly appreciate everyone of you who reads this and will always be grateful for you. Let’s be more positive this Christmas! 🎄💖 I hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. Lovely post Jirah! 😊 i definitely agree with helping the unfortunate and forgiveness. It’s good to start the new year on a cleaner ❣
    ☆ kiki |

    1. So true! Thank you so much for reading. I highly appreciate it. ❤️🎄

  2. Yes these are all such important things to do! Xx

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