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Free Themes + How I Customized My Site

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! This post is the last part of my self-hosting experience which is in total, divided into three parts. You can check the other two to know more:

  1. My Self-Hosting Process
  2. Why I Chose Hostinger As My Web-Hosting Provider; and
  3. Free Themes + How I Customized My Site

*Affiliate Disclosure: I used affiliate links in the post and does earn a small commission from certain links. This does not in any way, affect your purchases or the price you may pay. All opinions are 100% my own.

This is the part that I truly want to share to all of you. Themes are very important for our blog and I don’t know if it’s just me, but a blogger’s theme represents his/her own personality. Sometimes, we take SO much time customizing our blog because we want it to be flawless as it can and I think that’s really okay. Our blog site is like our public safe space and we want to leave a good impression to those who visit our site so we put all the best we have to make it look like ourselves.

My goal for this post is to be informative as I can, so I decided to divide this post into three parts:

  1. Blossom Themes
  2. List of other free themes
  3. How I customized my site (where I make thumbnails and such.)

Blossom Themes

Firstly, I would love to talk about my own theme. If you have read all of my self-hosting process posts, then you probably know that my budget is really tight and as much as I want to purchase themes from Pipdig and other pretty theme shops, I just can’t. I’m saving money so I just decided to go search for free themes instead and I was actually surprised how many free themes there was. I came across to a site, Blossom Themes. They also sell themes but they also offer free ones and if you liked how my site looks, I am currently using the free theme from Blossom Themes!

I am using the theme Blossom Beauty. I really liked it when I first saw it so I immediately downloaded it and then I customized it. You can check out this link if you want to see it’s live demo. I really fell in love with this theme and it has SO many to offer. It comes with free plugins like BlossomThemes Email Newsletter, BlossomThemes Social Kit and BlossomThemes Toolkit. These plugins are all for the better customization and appearance of my blog. Since what I’m using now is a free theme, they also offer a Pro one wherein I could change the header and footer color. But I really love the color of my present header and footer so it’s no problem for me. Of course, if I had the chance, I’d definitely go and purchase the pro one!

Anyway, aside from my theme, Blossom Themes offer many other free themes which you can check in this link. Their themes vary so if you are starting a blog with a shop, a business page or anything else, you can definitely check it out! You can choose their themes depending on your blogging niche: lifestyle, fashion, baking or any other! If you want to take blogging to the next level, then you can also check out their available premium themes! It doesn’t really hurt to check it out, so go ahead!

However, I don’t think Blossom Themes has many themes to offer for male bloggers. They mainly focus on chic and elegant themes so maybe they’re still working on it.

List of Other Free Themes

Here are the list of other themes I’ve checked out and downloaded. You can check these out as well and if you know any other sites that offer free themes, please tell me in the comments below so I can add it here.

How I Customized My Site

Yay, we finally reached here! Designing is something that I really love doing- whether it be on my artworks, presentations and of course, my blog thumbnails and pictures. I am so excited to talk about this part because this is where I took most of my time but I really loved doing it.

Okay, so if you’re wondering what site/app I use, I only use Canva. 😉 Canva became so popular now, but it’s still what I use because it’s SO accessible and easy to use. Most of the times, I use everything in Canva- starting from the templates, fonts, stock photos, graphics, stickers and literally everything. It’s just so easy to use and the outcomes are really pretty. Here are some of the post thumbnails I made using Canva:

Here are some Pins I created using Canva as well:

Everything is just so easy with Canva. Although I don’t really like to have restrictions in my own blog, I restrict myself to have a certain color palette for my blog thumbnails and pins. Most of them are really pastel colors, which I really love.

If you are not using Canva, then I think you really should go and try it. Plus, it’s really easy to use so even if you are just a beginner, you can definitely make pretty thumbnails and photos using this one!

Wow, and that ends my mini post series which is my self-hosting process. Be sure to check out the other two posts! And thank you so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed sharing it with all of you! I really hope this helps you, too!

What applications/sites you use to edit photos or make blog thumbnails? Share in the comments below!

I’ll see you on the next post! And guys, please don’t forget that you are invited to a blog party! This will happen on May 30th, so be sure to check it out! It will be fun! <3

*Affiliate Disclosure: I used affiliate links in the post and does earn a small commission from certain links. This does not in any way, affect your purchases or the price you may pay. All opinions are 100% my own.

Blossom Themes


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  2. […] Free Themes + How I Customized My Site […]

  3. I found all 3 posts really informative thank you! Im struggling at the moment with have a free wordpress plan but also wanting to expand and alter my site in ways I can’t without spending abit of money. Really trying to research what the most cost affective way of doing this is. Thank you for the info!

    1. Thank you so much for reading all three posts! I really appreciate it! 🙂 If you need any help, my emails are open! Best of luck with self-hosting! <3

  4. Ah this was such a great and informative post! Considering that I love your aesthetic, I’m really glad I got to read this!
    Also, yes, Canva is so amazing. Sometimes for our conferences and events in college, I have to make posters and certificates, and Canva just comes in like a lifesaver. Love the app!
    Hope you;re staying safe xx

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Arshia! <3
      That's SO true! Most of my classmates are fascinated with how I make my presentations, little did they know it's only Canva! I really love it too! <3
      Stay safe as well, lovely!

  5. Awesome! I will have to use some of these in the future!

    1. Yay! Go lovely! Best of luck with blogging! 🙂

  6. Great post, lots of really useful information. I agree Canva is brilliant 😊

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad to know! And yes, Canva is just really lovely!! <3

  7. This is very good advice Jirah. However, do these themes work for free sites.

    1. Hello, Eromonsele! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on sites. If you want to have more options on blog themes, I really recommend to go self-hosted because you’ll have no restrictions at all in customizing. 🙂

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