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Finally Letting Go Of Anxiety | Mental Health Awareness Month

There were a lot of situations that honestly affected me and caused me to be anxious. This is the first time I’m bringing this to you but when I was a kid, I remember being afraid of being locked in closed spaces— I was scared of narrow spaces. I first noticed that when my big brothers always tease me by staying in my bed always to watch television and leaving me no space to breathe at all. (My brothers were really huge and I was so little back then.) I didn’t know what was that but I remember I was always crying and I couldn’t breathe— they stopped and left my room after I cried. I also have hated elevators. I remember visiting my grandfather in the hospital and I was too afraid to be inside the elevator that I would always suggest to my parents to just take the stairs, of course, they wouldn’t because it’s tiring— and then there’s me, no choice but to take the elevator and that happened a lot and a lot of times until finally, I’m no longer scared.

My fear of narrow spaces has stopped ever since I start embracing it.

I don’t even remember now how it feels to fear narrow spaces but I certainly know it was horrible for me and just think of it, I was not aware of mental health because I was just like 7 or 8 back then so it was really hard! Until finally, it let go of me. I’m not really sure when but it stopped— I’m really glad I’m no longer afraid of narrow or closed spaces.

I have always had anxiety— I am anxious to meet new people, be on a stage or just have someone look at me, I can’t take it. I have always surrounded myself with my best friends and my family only because they were the only ones who does not make me feel anxious and it’s a good thing that I have them. There were also moments that I send a text message to someone or chat them and it took them so long to reply that I go to sleep really upset and anxious if I have chosen the wrong words and regret that I sent a message. I also remember being so anxious in the first day of school that I don’t know where to go. I remember being so scared of the new faces.

Until I got so used to new moments and scenarios in my life that they no longer scare me. Sometimes no replies are better than having replies and it’s also better to wait to meet them up personally. The faces that I was so scared to meet during that first day have eventually helped me in my personal growth and they also helped me build up confidence.

I was always anxious— until it no longer makes me anxious to meet new friends, talk to the elders and even smile to a stranger who I feel needs a smile. It no longer scares me. It doesn’t even matter now if I go out alone in malls and eat alone, because who cares? And I am honestly so proud of myself that I took myself out of my comfort zone and I reached out to people whenever I feel bad because they will always help, and now, I share talks with the community kids and even speak in front of my youth community.

I am embracing my anxiety and finally letting go of it.

Of course, there will always be certain moments that I have to deal with it again but at least now, I know better and I can handle it better.

Main point of this post:

Embrace your fears, embrace what scares you and most especially embrace the things that makes you anxious. You will get over it and in some point of your life, you will achieve happiness without ever worrying for a thing or what other people says. Anxiety is the worst but have a positive mindset or mantra that you will soon overcome it and when that time comes, you’ll probably be the best version of yourself than you can ever imagine. Reach out to your friends, family or someone who would help you feel betterβ€” they would surely help you to get over your anxiety.

Thank you SO much for reading and this is my entry to spread awareness about mental health this month. This is more of my experiences but I hope the one who reads this will learn something and start embracing their fears. I am hoping that you are okay! <3

Anyway I did not put any stock photos here except for the featured image because I think the topic is too serious that I just want to keep on writing. Hope you’ll still enjoy this post and I will still continue to write about my personal experiences or advices to help those with anxiety get over it. I will continue writing and hope that it would inspire some of you. Have a happy Tuesday! πŸ™‚

And please, don’t ever forget that you have someone to listen to your problems! Reach out to your friends, family or you can even try a therapy from Better Help to help you feel better! Don’t ever forget that you’re alone because you are not! ❀️

Check out my Mental Health Awareness Month post that I published exactly a year ago today!

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  1. Hey! I nominated you to 3 day 3 quote challenge.for more info do visit my latest post.
    here’s the link below:

    1. Thank you so much for the nomination!! I’ll check it out as soon as possible! πŸ˜ƒβ€

  2. Go you! It seems like you’ve done so well in conquering your mental health issues. Wishing you all the best.

    1. Thank you so much, Gracie!! ❀

  3. wow, this is really inspirational!! thanks for sharing <3

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Carol! ❀

  4. LOVED THIS! I had the exact same experience as you with claustrophobia; I was really awful with public transport and hated crowds and it just made me avoid loads of fun situations, so I forced myself to go to a college where I had to get a train AND the underground (london tubes are notoriously stuffed) everyday and now i’m fine with it πŸ™‚ xx

    1. Thank you so much, Mia!! Oh no that’s awful but good thing it passed away too! We just really need to face fears and challenges that comes to us!! ❀❀

  5. Thank you for sharing this post!! It seems like you’ve conquered your mental health issues so well xx

    1. Aw thank you, Amelia!!! ❀

      1. It’s okay xx

  6. Thank you for touching on such an important topic.πŸ’— β€”

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Emily! πŸ’“

  7. I love your honesty!!! Sometimes stepping out is the best thing we can do.

    1. Thank you so much, T.R!!! πŸ’—

  8. Well said well written…. worth reading… keep on sharing, loving, smiling..

    1. Thank you so so much!! πŸ’—

  9. So inspiring, and so so proud of you! ❀️

    1. Thank you SO much, Gayle!!! πŸ’—

  10. this was so honest and beautifully written

    1. Thank you so very much! πŸ™‚

  11. What an inspirational post Jirah! I tried avoiding my anxiety for the longest time which of course only made it worse. I agree that learning to work with it is the best approach, at least it has been for me!

    1. Embracing it worked with me as well, so you’re not alone! πŸ˜‰ Thank you so much always, Pamela!! πŸ’—

  12. kmichonski says:

    Thank you so much for sharing, this is so helpful !

    1. You are very much welcome!! πŸ’–

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