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Exploring My Hometown For A Christmassy Night! | Blogmas # 6

HELLO, hello! I just want to say that I AM BACK and I am done with all the midterms examinations for this quarter. Hooray for me! I survived even though my mind’s already thinking about Christmas all the time!

So for those of you who don’t know, I’m doing Blogmas wherein I post 15 entries also as preparation for Christmas. I can’t blog everyday this December and have 24 posts because I’ll be having my midterms in the third week of December and I gotta prepare so yeah! Enjoy my posts!

For today’s entry, I would like to share photos that I had last December 8, 2018. We roamed around my hometown and found a really festive place where there are also a lot of people taking pictures.

This place is not new to me because it’s also one of my go-to places when I want to be alone, but it really became extra beautiful with all the Christmas decorations all around. My family took like a hundred of photos and I just can’t help but be happy as well. It’s really festive, and the best part is that I’m spending time with my family. ❤️ I won’t explain each photos any further, enjoy! And oh, I haven’t edited it as well. I want to keep it raw. 🙂

That’s all for today! I really want to rest for now as I’ve been stressed with all the midterm examinations. I hope you enjoy it and more content coming soon!! 💖 Thank you so much for reading!


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  1. Looks so lovely!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, T.R! I definitely missed you here! ❤️

  2. This is so cool! And I’m very excited for Christmas 😍🙌🏼🎄💖

    1. Aaaaah same hereeee!! 😍💖

  3. The lights are all so pretty! And you’re so cute!! How?😂 I’m so happy you had such a fun time with your family, Christmas is literally next week it’s CRAZY. I’m ready but also not ready haha. I have a gift that still hasn’t come in🙊 crossing my fingers it’ll get here this week! But I am ready to celebrate the Lord with friends and family gathered!❤️

    1. Ah no, I’m definitely not cute in person. Haha. Thank you so much!!! And gosh, it’s crazy how time flies so fast!! Can’t believe it’ll be Christmas next week! And that’s so amazing, Gayle!! ❤️ I hope you enjoy Christmas with your family!

  4. Love your hoodie! Where’s it from? ♥️

    1. I ordered it online in Taobao, a shop in Lazada. I don’t know if you have Lazada in your country but it’s an online shop where you get to have many choices of stuff. ❤️

      1. Thanks but you’re probably right! 💕

  5. Welcome back!!!!
    I really love those pics😍🎄 it makes my in a Christmas mood!!

    1. Thank you sooo much!!! ❤️

  6. Awww what a fun time out! Xx

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