A Day In The Life

I got this idea from Life With Dannielle last May, I suppose. I was really fascinated with the idea because it’s like vlogging, but I’m only doing it now due to my hectic sched. Sorry, dudes.
A Day In The Life || Jirah Merizz

July 1, 2016 (Friday. I am so sorry I had to repost this. WordPress is glitching.) 


5:35 – Just woke up from a crazy dream. I really hate waking up so early but I need to.

6:08 – I’m taking my breakfast now. Hopefully by 6:45, I can leave home and go to school already so I won’t be recorded as late.

7:02 – I am not late!!! Thank heavens!

7:15 – Our first class started. We have a group presentation and our group was assigned as a priest or nun that talks about bullying. It went pretty good, though.

8:00 – Our second subject has started which is Filipino. So see you later, loves.

9:00 – Filipino went pretty good! After the group presentations, we were asked to read a story made by Plato. And now, it’s break time. I’m off to the canteen now. X

9:15 – I ordered a hamburger which costs 15 pesos. I am now waiting for my Science teacher.

10:20 – Science class, check! She arrived at 9:20, I suppose. We’ve discussed everything about the three most active volcanoes here in the Philippines. The reports were interesting. Volcanoes, are interesting.

10:21 – This is so far the best day for us, for the whole section. One of our classmates asked who wants to have a devotion, sharing of problems, feeling the presence of God. I volunteered. We left the room and went to somewhere more private and quiet. There were like 15 of us who were present and I can’t believe that all through the time, I was crying. My classmates shared their problems, their past experiences in life, and it was heartbreaking, heart-touching and if you hear them, you’ll say that you are truly blessed. Everyone of us are blessed. Embrace it and feel it.

11:20 – Our MAPEH (Music, Arts, PE and Health) teacher arrived. We’re kinda annoyed because we haven’t finished our devotion yet. But our teacher said we just need to fill out our BMI then we can proceed to our devotion again.

11:41 – We finished the MAPEH activity and went back to the sharing of problems. Almost everyone of us cried, yes, even the boys. It’s funny, you wouldn’t think that they would cry ’cause of something. But this time, they showed their weaknesses, they showed their soft side they didn’t want us to see. I’m grateful.

12:30 – We’re not taking our lunch yet. We just finished the devotion. Bye for now!

13:20 – Our Research teacher came and gave us something to write. After that, she left. And I’m kinda guilty right now because I just slept at the whole period. (Lol.)

14:40 – It’s our TLE time. Our teacher slash adviser asked us to make a slogan, for it’s nutrition month already. So many activities will come and I can’t just wait!

15:40 – TLE is finished. I kinda created the weirdest slogan ever. I’m a real failure when it comes to arts. I love arts but I can’t do one. Sigh.

15:42 – Our Math teacher is here. Bye for now!!

16:20 – Oh, my goodness. Our Math time extended for 20 minutes. We’re all stressed!!! The activity was so hard and I can’t process my mind that time, yet. So I crammed. Ugh. After Math, all of us looked so haggard and hungry and tired and… ugly. Haha, kidding at the latter part. But it’s just so stressing, I can’t even!!!

16:21 – Our last teacher for the day came. Good thing, our last teacher is kind and I reckon the class went so good, and fun!

17:00 – I’m finally going home!!

17:20 – I reached home. I went straight by my bed because this day has just been so stressing.

23:22 – Wow. Haha. I just woke up from that nap. I didn’t even notice that I was asleep already. My Papa said that he was waking me up but all I did was nod and nod and I can’t remember that! Haha. It seems like I’m really so tired for the day.

23: 44 – I went to the bathroom and did my evening routine. And here I am, writing my final activity for the day. Good night, everyone!

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post. I enjoyed writing it. Thanks to Dannielle for this awesome idea!

The Q and A will be up tomorrow. I’m really sorry for the delay. I hope you’re all okay wherever you are and love lots.

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  1. Wooow you have long school days, that’s crazy!! And I loved you doing it, please do it more because it was so much fun to read!

    1. I know, and that’s everyday!! 🙁 Yes I will. Thank you so much for the idea x

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