10 of My Favorite Feelings

Hello everyone and welcome to another post! A few months ago, I saw this tag in the blogosphere and I thought that this was a really good idea and I’m so glad it circulated around the community. I’m so thrilled to do this and reflect on my favorite feelings so let’s get started with the post. Stay tuned for my nominees at the end of the post!

I’d like to thank Elle from Elle’s Unpopular Opinions for nominating me to do this tag. The first time I saw this tag, I really wanted to participate so I’m so grateful that you have nominated me. You all should go check out Elle’s blog. Her blog is her safe space in this online community wherein she shares her awesome thoughts and unpopular opinions. I really find Elle’s blog amazing and you wouldn’t want to miss that so go right now and click this link to visit her.

10 of My Favorite Feelings Tag

I have never really thought about my favorite feelings and this prompt is an opportunity for me to explore what are those feelings that I really love. Since I still haven’t figured this out, I’m just gonna write whatever pops in my head right now.

1. Looking at the sky.

Whether it be day or night, one of my favorite feelings is to feel mesmerized by nature’s beauty. Looking at the sky makes me wonder and wander, in which I really love. I could still remember the feeling of being in the airplane’s window seat wherein I could see the clouds– there’s this feeling of content and awe. The sky is just so beautiful that I don’t have one certain feeling when I look at it. Maybe it would be all feelings at once.

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2. Waking up early.

This quarantine has made me realize that if I could break a bad habit instantly, it would be staying up late. Waking up early has been a game-changer for me and it makes me energetic and productive throughout the day. Waking up early makes me appreciate the birds chirping and the early morning house noise– which I totally live for. Then I’d fix my bed and have my 30-minute book reading.

Silver Macbook on White Bed Comforter

3. Finishing a philosophy book.

Lol, this has got to be one of my favorite feelings ever. Philosophers and their philosophy can either make you or break you, that’s why I feel joy when I finish a philosophical book. To be completely honest, I haven’t really read a lot of philosophy books as a whole. I only read it in portions or in chapters to get an overview of what it talks about. Oh god, you can’t imagine the joy it brings me to be constantly reading and finishing a philosophical book. Right now, I’m reading Kierkegaard’s Spiritual Writings and I’m so glad I’m so near at finishing it.

Person Holding A Book

4. Writing and/or journaling.

I know I’m not the only one who feels something when they’re writing. Now that I’ve been writing mostly for the blog, it brings me joy and it increases my passion. I remember writing articles or essays for my academic requirements wherein I shed a lot of tears and frustration to finish a paper and to be completely honest, it WAS a lot more than a bad feeling. But now I miss it and I’m such a clown for this. On the other hand, I really love journaling because it makes me so creative and it’s also one of the things you can do for self-improvement.

Closeup Photo of Journal Book and Pencils

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5. Tidying my room.

I am honestly so bad at this but whenever I do this, it makes me so satisfied, contented and neat. Ever since I got home, I’ve been consistently trying to make my room look better and one of the things I’m proud of is that I’ve finally arranged my closet, which is located in my room. I also have my desk or my workspace in my room so it’s important to keep it tidy. It makes me so happy to see my stuff organized because when I don’t, I myself, would feel like a complete mess too.

Laptop on White Wooden Table

6. Listening to music.

Who doesn’t love the feeling of listening to music? Since there are different music genres, there’d also be different feels but it’s still music. It makes you feel something and sometimes, it’s something that I really need the most. Also, stream Taylor Swift’s Folklore. I love Bon Iver and Tay’s music so I was so excited about Exile! It would be my favorite song in Folklore as of now, and I’d love to know yours! Please comment it below.

7. Creating art.

Most of you know that I create digital art and I feel so much happiness when I finish a work that I’m proud of. It makes me inspired to do more. Please check out my artworks page and my digital art shop.

8. Hyping up my friends.

I legit feel so happy too when my friends feel happy. As much as possible, I really try to hype up my friends because they deserve it. I like to tell them that they’re a blessing, they are beautiful and that they are worthy to be a human person.

Silhouette Photography of Group of People Jumping during Golden Time

9. Helping other people and speaking up.

Even though my voice trembles when I speak up, it’s still better than not speaking up. It takes me a lot of courage to voice out my informed opinions and when I do, it makes me glad. Also, I really enjoy helping other people and supporting them in any way that I can.

Silhouette of Group of People Between Tree Line

10. Praying after a long tiring day.

Most of you know that even though I was born and raised a Christian, I myself still chose this path that was introduced to me and continued being a Christian. Prayers are my go-to whenever I feel lost, anxious, scared, fearful or even when I am contented and happy. Since I have my personal relationship with Christ, it feels SO much better when I talk to Him at the very end of the day.

Selective Focus Photo of Brown and Silver Rosary

I nominate:

That’s it for the 10 of my favorite feelings! Thank you so much again, Elle, for nominating me to do this. I legit had so much fun writing this post and it made me reflect a lot. I hope you enjoyed this! To my nominees, it’s definitely okay if you won’t participate, there’s no pressure in doing this one!

Thank you all so much for reading and I’ll see you in the next post! Bye!

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  1. Love this post!! It’s so wholesome! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much!! I appreciate it! ☺️✨

    2. It’s really cool post…..
      Tidying up the room is the hardest thing to follow……
      Thank you for sharing this post 😇
      It’s really useful 😇

      JENISH |

      1. Thank you so much!
        Yes, it’s hard to keep up but it’s just so satisfying to see everything neat!
        You’re very much welcome. If you’d like to participate in this tag, I’d love to see your answers as well!

      2. Also, I have commented in one of your blog posts about gardening and when I published the comment I came out as unknown. Just letting you know! :))

  2. Nothing quite compares to looking up at the sky, especially when it’s blue! 🌤️🙌 Is truly magical, I’ve gotten into a habit of watching the sun go down in the evenings too which is very captivating ✨ I’m bad at tidying my room as well but like you I feel so much better for doing it! It just takes getting to that point is all 😂. Fabulous post as always! Hope your favourite feelings continue to surround you more and more 💫💕

    1. I totally agree, Elsie! 💗 It is magical. I really love watching the sunset too especially when I’m in a roadtrip!! Two of my favorite things at one. ❤️ Thanks so much, I appreciate it! ☺️❤️✨

  3. This was such a cute post! I love almost weightless feeling i get from looking at the sky and just feeling infinitely tiny but in a really comforting way? that was an awful way to describe it – but great post lovely! (also i have a laptop again – yay – so send me through payment details etc for the line art) xx

    1. Thank you so much, Mia! I totally get the feeling! ☺️ Thanks again, I really appreciate it! I have just sent you an email with the sample of the line art and the payment details. ❤️✨

  4. This is amazing never thought of doing this such an interesting post.
    (you can also check out my blog at

    1. Thank you so much! You can actually do this tag too if you’d like! 🌟

  5. This was such an uplifting post to read! I can totally relate to the feelings you picked especially the feeling you get when you tidy your room!

    1. Thank you so much, Pooja! I’m so glad it made you feel that way! 🌟 Having a tidy room is just the best! Thanks so much again for reading, I appreciate it! ☺️✨

      1. You’re very welcome!

  6. Looking at the sky, especially when it’s more beautiful than usual makes me happy. I love waking up early, I feel productive in that way. I love journaling, relieves my stress!
    Great post 💞

    1. Yes, the sky is just so amazing! 🤩 We have so many things alike! I really love waking up early too and I hope I could do it everyday! ✨ Thank you so much for reading! I appreciate it. ☺️🌟

  7. Kierkegaard… seriously?!
    I´m joking, you enjoy any philosopher you want… but he´s a little bit dark/sad, isn´t he?

    1. Yes!! 😅 I actually enjoy his writings and I’m really quite amazed that he has a lot of pseudonyms. Oh he is! He believed that he inherited the burden of guilt his father was experiencing that’s why he’s depressed/gloomy.

      Thanks so much for reading, Chape! 🌟

      1. I had to study Kierkegaard 😅 Also Schopenhauer and Nietzche… Not a bunch of people I would like to have some beers and talk, you know? 🤣🤣🤣

        1. Oh wow!! We actually haven’t studied yet but my professors already said to pick a philosophy or a philosopher that we’d like to work our thesis on and I’m eyeing Kierkegaard. Haha.

          Oh, I wouldn’t want to talk with Schopenhauer and Nietszche as well. But we’re gonna have an Existentialism course this coming school year so I can’t escape them. Lol

  8. Reading this made me feel so warm and comforted. Like I felt the things you described. I like the sky and nature, too, and can still remember the joy of my first plane flight and looking at clouds. Have you heard of The Wisdom of Insecurity by Alan Watts? Interesting philo book.

    1. Thank you so much, Markus and Micah! I appreciate it so much that you took some time to read my blog post. 🥺❤️ I haven’t heard it but I’m gonna go try and look for it online. Thank you so much for suggesting! 😁

      1. I read it several years ago and it gave me lots of things to think about. We are into philosophy as well and really find you cool for being interested, too.

        1. Now I really want to read that book! Oh, I’m actually a philosophy major and it’s honestly difficult most of the times but really enjoying. x

  9. Great post. Waking up early has definetly made a huge difference for me too. I’ve also Become better with keeping things neat and tidy. Ever since, I’ve been able to concentrate more in my surroundings and have a clear mind🙂

    1. Thank you so much! ☺️ Yes! I really wish I could wake up early everyday. It’s kinda hard for me since I end up staying late! 😅 I totally agree with you on that one! Having a clean and tidy space is a must if we want to boost our productivity and peace of mind! 🌟

  10. What an awesome list! I can relate in almost all of them, especially looking at the sky and praying after a long day. Both of them make me feel a good feeling I can’t describe. I also love sitting beside an airplane’s window and stare at the clouds. 😍 It’s a breathtaking view!

    1. Thank you so much, Nath! Ack yes! I totally feel that too!! ❤️ I honestly can’t wait to ride a plane again as I miss the feeling of being lost in the clouds! 🤩☁️ Thanks so much for reading. ❤️✨

  11. I too become overjoyed when I clean my room. Great list Jirah. I need to appreciate the sky more.

    1. Yes, nothing beats a tidy place! ✨ Thank you so much, Eromonsele! Sometimes the sky really is surreal, you should try to look at it more to appreciate it. 🌟 Thanks so much for reading, I appreciate it!

      1. You’re very welcome!

  12. I loved reading this so much, so wholesome! You can’t beat a tidy room xx

    1. Thank you so much for reading!! I really, really appreciate it! ☺️❤️ And I totally agree! 🌟

  13. This was such a fun post! I’m glad you shared it – it’s making me reflect on what some of my favorite feelings are. Looking at the sky always makes me reflective -ESPECIALLY sunset. That is my absolute favorite time of day for reflecting – usually feeling grateful and content! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Alyson! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. You are free to participate in this tag if you still haven’t, I’d love to read your favorite feelings! 🙂 And yeees, I definitely agree with that! <3 Thank you so much for having some time to read and comment, I appreciate it lots! x

  14. You have a beautiful posts and wonderful blog ❤️ Thankyou for following my blog and stopping by! I loved your contents! Looking forward to read more from you!

    1. Hi, thank you so much! Sorry I haven’t seen this sooner! I appreciate your kind words. ❤️✨

      1. You’re welcome 😊

  15. I love everything you mentioned here!

    As for the Taylor Swift song, I love her Cornelia Street. I would change it to Pureza Street (where LRT Pureza station is) whenever I’d sing it. I and my fiance are not into the stuff Taylor mentioned in the song, but like her, I won’t walk Pureza Street ever again when I lose him… The song just strikes me to the core…

    1. Thank you so much! 😊

      Now that you’ve mentioned Pureza, I actually kind of miss it too! 😭 Oh wow, Cornelia Street really hits hard. 😅

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I appreciate it a lot.

  16. Listening to music is top of my ‘favourite feelings’ list as well! I’m loving folklore so much too – such an incredible album 🙂 x

    1. Yeeees, music definitely stores the best feelings we could have! What’s your current favorite song from folklore? <3

      Thanks so much for dropping by! I appreciate it a lot! 🙂

  17. This is such a positive and inspiring post! Love that you have done this tag. I am loving folklore too – for some reason I always forget how much I love Taylor Swift music until it comes on!

    Paige // Paige Eades

    1. Thank you so much, Paige! I’m so glad you’re loving folklore as well! x

  18. This is a really lovely post 😊 I love getting to know people on a more personal level through their writing

    1. Thank you so much for reading! You are free to do the tag if you’d like to! x

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  20. Cleaning one’s room is defiantly under-rated. I love doing it (I love the fruits of my labor more!)!
    Good post!

    1. Thank you so much for reading!! ❤️ We definitely need to clean our room from time to time! 😅💕

      1. Totally!

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